Life and Death, the Natural world, and its supernatural counterpart. When two worlds collide, 2 realms become one... But this collision only brought disorder. Will you re-establish the old ways, or make anew?
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 Aeter, and the Kirin

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Aeter, and the Kirin  Empty
PostSubject: Aeter, and the Kirin    Aeter, and the Kirin  EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 11:05 am

Personal Information

Breed: Kirin (Japanese/Chinese Unicorn)

Name: Aeter

Age: Approximately 4.5 million years.

Likes: Loyalty, Honor, Ethereals, Sophistication, Divine Right

Dislikes: Cowards, Rebellion, Demonborn, Corporeals, Halfbloods

Personality: Aeter is as old as Astraia, the Realm of Ascension; with this vast age and experience, Aeter himself is very wise, and respects wisdom, especially in the younger generation. Aeter is totally loyal to the Whitebloods, and he won’t hesitate to kill a dishonorable traitor of the Empire. Aeter desires order much like Ethereal the High, who rides him. Aeter has seen a lot of battle and the way living things often work. He has had a lot of time on his hands to do some research of his own. Aeter personally tends to Ethereal the High, and advises him like a grandfather would his grandson.

Physical Information

Height: 12.5ft

Weight: Approximately 1.2k pounds

Claws: No.

Fangs: Yes.

Wings: No.

Speed: 75 miles per second

Acute Senses: Keen vision, and sense of touch.

Eye Color: Amber

Fur/Scale Color: Grayish-green Scales that serve as a powerfully natural suit of armor.

General Appearance


The Kirin:

Ability Information

Breed: Kirin (Aeter Only)
Type: Offensive
Level: 10
Name: Auctorita Ictus
Description: Aeter releases a surge of pale lightning from his mouth, and a massive shockwave shatters the terrain around his position, and crackles thunder in the sky. All this white lightning then starts to condense itself into a ball of pale lightning, which Aeter then swallows in his mouth. After a brief waiting period of molding this massive amount of spiritual energy, Aeter fires the vast amount of pale lightning from his mouth, and it streams wherever he wants it to, crackling all in its path.
Drawbacks/Limitations: This technique can only be used once in a thread due to its power level.

Breed: Kirin
Type: Offensive
Level: 8
Name: Pupillus Ictus
Description: The Kirin are able to fire lightning in the sky, creating a storm, and then they swallow countless surges of lightning, only to fire the lightning they’ve swallowed altogether as a power beam of pale lightning, or with barrages of pale lightning beams which crackle all they hit.
Drawbacks/Limitations: When they release lightning in the sky to create a storm, the storm lasts for 10 of the user’s posts with a Cooldown of 4 of their posts.

Breed: Kirin
Type: Offensive
Level: 10
Name: Cornu Rabies
Description: The Kirin gathers pale lightning at the tip of their horn for a brief period of time, and either one by one, or all at the same time, they come crashing down on the earth below, with their raging horn-tips. Their bodies converge into white energy due to their accelerated speeds, and they come crashing on the earth below, or at a target in the sky like a speedy comet of energy. When they collide with a solid surface, there is a vast explosion of white lightning coming from each of their horns. An explosion spread within a 200ft radius.
Drawbacks/Limitations: This technique can only be used once every thread, and by every Kirin at Ethereal the High's disposal.

Breed: Kirin
Type: Balanced
Level: 7
Name: Niveus Ovis
Description: The Kirin can emit pale lightning instantaneously from every part of their body in order to fend opponents off that are beneath their level or about their level (unless combined – making the technique more formidable), in the process it can greatly damage opponents that get too close.
Drawbacks/Limitations: Every time this technique is used four times, its power level lowers by 1, making it weaker and weaker the more times it is used by a single Kirin.

Breed: Kirin (Aeter is able to use this technique all on his own.)
Type: Illusionary
Level: 10
Name: Stilus Statua
Description: Either the Kirin around (at least 3) can use this technique, or Aeter alone can. With all the Kirin’s speed, he/they will all dash down towards the figure, literally phasing through him/her – which triggers this powerful illusion. Immediately, the target wakes up in a strange, thunder-crackling world shrouded by dark grey rain clouds. The rain pours harder and harder until the rain drops become powerful surges of pale lightning, constantly hitting the target, and until the target is bound by a chain of pale lightning. The entire world eventually turns into pale lightning when it reaches its climax, and by then, the target has experienced so much pain, he can’t stand to move, speak, etc… when he wakes up.
Drawbacks/Limitations: This technique can only be used once in a thread and on a single target. This fearfully-paralyzed after effect last for 8 of the targett’s posts – or until they are able to break free from all the pain. Either way, their ability to do so should vary with their role in the Forum. The after effect will last for at least 2 of the target’s posts in a thread nonetheless.

Breed: Kirin (Aeter's is more formidable)
Type: Supplementary
Level: --
Name: Aeter/Kirin Mucro Mutatio
Description: This ability enables Aeter and/or the Kirin to morph into a sword. Aeter, as a sword is most powerful, granting the sword the ability to unleash vast amounts of pale lightning, and in several forms that relate to Aeter's own abilities - only into Ethereal the High's primary weapon. The other Kirin are capable of doing the same, but, to a lesser extent and only work towards supporting the wielder with additional katana.
Drawbacks: --


x2 Ferrum Orbis: These two orbs that are often seen floating around Aeter himself. They serve the ancient Kirin as conductors of the powerful, and spiritual “Pale Lightning”. These two orbs (given time) can also generate their own Pale Lightning, and serve as highly powerful physical forces with acceleration and whilst conducting pale lightning. They can communicate with Aeter telepathically, and serve as additional/shared eyes of Aeter and/or Ethereal the High.

x4 Ferrum Tristifico: These four ankle braces serve as accelerators for Aeter himself, that allow him to attract the clouds, as well as heighten his speed with pale lightning, multiplying his speed by four. These ankle braces also release torrents of pale electricity on the surface below – enabling them to cause heavy surface-damage before a landing.

x2 Ferrum Cornuum: These two metallic horns coil around Aeter’s mouth, and lead up to the rider’s hands giving them a tight grip atop the mighty Aeter. Not only do they serve the rider, they also serve Aeter himself. These two horns can (wrapped through Aeter’s mouth) generate pale lightning, and fire a large surge in the form of arches rapidly, giving Aeter even more of an edge, without having to exhaust his spiritual energy.

Historical Information

Biography: Ethereal the High [the Creator] had created Aeter, and Aeter became his first creation – representing the Creator’s innate purity. Aeter served as the Creator’s first steed, and he used Aeter to aid him in traveling around the world presented to him so that he could further its development and bring an immortal race of spiritual beings into existence. After the general creation process was complete, Aeter remained by the Creator’s side, and to reward Aeter’s service, the Creator created an entire race of lesser Kirin to serve, and tend to Aeter and Aeter’s master.

For millions of years, Aeter protected the Royal Seals that the Creator valued so highly for the continuation of his children and their own prosperity as Whitebloods. When the Creator’s predictions proved true for Astraia, the Realm of Ascension and Improba, the Realm of Dissension, Aeter presented the Royal Seals to the Creator’s children, and started serving the Creator’s eldest son, who was the bearer of the Seal of Heaven. From then on, Aeter remained loyal, and kept all Ethereals serving the Whitebloods in check, along with the rulers of those loyalists.

"Each and every one Improban is imperfect, and consequently, much unlike Ethereals. Such unadulterated and immaculate bequest sustains itself beyond the world of the living awaiting the world of the living to subsist no more – distilled of its pollution."

- Ethereal the High

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Aeter, and the Kirin
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