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 The Points System

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The Points System Empty
PostSubject: The Points System   The Points System EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 10:53 pm

Below are is the list of things you can purchase with points. In order to purchase something with points you'll have to make a thread in the Points Exchange and title your exchange, perhaps post it as well so that the trade can be made. When a trade is made, the amount of points for whatever it is you're purchasing will be subtracted from the amount of Points you've saved. Though many of the bonuses below are expensive, there will be events where members can really earn a lot of Points.

Creation Area Purchases

Additional Level 1-3 Ability/Weapon Effect/Enchantment: 15 Points

Additional Weapon: 30 Points

Additional Level 4-5 Ability/Weapon Effect/Enchantment: 45 Points

Pet/Mount: 50 Points

Additional Level 6-8 Ability/Weapon Effect/Enchantment: 55 Points

Additional Power: 60 Points

Weapon Upgrade: 70 Points

Armor Upgrade: 80 Points

Ability Upgrade: 85 Points

Additional Level 9-10 Ability/Weapon Effect/Enchantment: 95 Points

In-Character Area Purchases

Character Home: 50 Points

Character Castle/Fort/Stronghold/Base-of-Operations: 150 Points
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The Points System
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