Life and Death, the Natural world, and its supernatural counterpart. When two worlds collide, 2 realms become one... But this collision only brought disorder. Will you re-establish the old ways, or make anew?
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 Introduction to 2 Realms

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Damian Adnihilo

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Introduction to 2 Realms Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to 2 Realms   Introduction to 2 Realms EmptyFri Sep 23, 2011 11:04 pm

The soul of any being ultimately remains a soul throughout. When an Improban/Corporeal/Human/Halfblood dies after living on Improba, their souls are forcefully directed to the Astral Sanctum by the will of the Void itself. It is here that their souls will manifest themselves into the same, but healthier primal form - being the deceased in their mid 20's-mid 30's unless having died early as a Human/Halfblood. The deceased are brought into the Judgment Chamber, where their soul is to be directed by the will of Ethereal the High. It is within the Judgment Chamber that the deceased are sealed after death while in waiting of judgment. Finally, when Ethereal the High is prepared to judge, he will decide their fate. The common decision for most souls is to be sent to the Divisional sub-District, for training as either a soldier with the option of either the Division of Earth, the Division of Hell, or more rarely the Division of Heaven. The other option is to be trained into a scholarly Ethereal with the intent of being a sophisticated member of the ghastly society. When the deceased are in this phase, and forever after, they are known by other Ethereals as "Coverters" since the pure Ethereals had actually been born and manifested on Astraia, the Realm of Ascension unlike the deceased from Improba, the Realm of Dissension. In judgment however, if the Improban was particularly in open defiance of the Whitebloods and their regime, they could be sentenced to the Void where their souls would remain frozen in the clutches of an immemorial existence, where there is never time. The other option, left for the Improbans who had become insane upon the knowledge of Astral Sanctum being their afterlife are banished to a separate plane of existence at their own risk.

For puritan Ethereals and Demonborn, their fates are dealt with similarly, except puritan Ethereals are expected to serve the Whitebloods and Demonborn are expected to serve Ethereal Lords/Ladies obediently in their prime in exchange for a healthy, well-balanced way of life. If a puritan Ethereal, or a Demonborn does the Whitebloods or their regime harm, they will also be forcefully escorted to the Judgment Chamber where Ethereal the High can either seal their being into the void, frozen in absence of time immemorially or sentence them to "Disciplination", which seals their minds away into a pocket reality for a million years in a construct of a most educative design, until their origins are healed, and they are ready to return to mainstream life as an Ethereal/Demonborn.
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Introduction to 2 Realms
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