Life and Death, the Natural world, and its supernatural counterpart. When two worlds collide, 2 realms become one... But this collision only brought disorder. Will you re-establish the old ways, or make anew?
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 General and Current Flow of the Factions

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General and Current Flow of the Factions Empty
PostSubject: General and Current Flow of the Factions   General and Current Flow of the Factions EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 12:18 am

The information below will help all members better understand the intentions of each Faction, and what exactly they may or may not be getting themselves into.

Astraian-loyalists (Astraian Empire): The ultimate goal of the Astraian-loyalists is to conquer the skies, earth and seas of Astraia-Improba. In order to do this, they'll need to learn more about Astraia-Improba, and the Improbans (basically who and/or what they're dealing with). The Division of Earth really plays its part in learning more about the Improbans, their culture and armed forces/factions. They oppose every other Faction in this Forum, and serve Ethereal the High devotedly (at least the majority). The Whitebloods view themselves as Gods and inheritors of the new world. Their divine-rightist feelings struck true in the Whiteblood's past on Astraia, the Realm of Ascension, but, they lack the absolute authority of a God on Astraia-Improba's surface though that doesn't stop them.

Crusaders: The goal of the Crusaders is to serve the people with a modest price. Clients varying all over the Improban-half of Astraia-Improba call on the Crusaders aid as a reliable source of trained samurai ready to slay Demons that threaten their peace. Their Client can actually be a whole Village, or simply an individual. Often on missions they work together in organized wholes - especially when they're being called upon for aid against a stronger foe. They are Demonologists, and serve the people both directly and indirectly. Often Halfbloods use their Demonborn abilities to aid in the conquering of Demonborn foes since they normally share the same feelings as normal Humans.

Meta-Humans: The Meta-Humans are a secret society of Psychics or "Mediums" from across the world. For many years the Meta-Humans organized themselves underground, and served the people indirectly due to direct discrimination/segregation of their Human-peers. They have been studying the activities of Astraia, the Realm of Ascension or the "Spirit World" for quite a long time, and still have little knowledge of Ethereal or "Ghost" culture, ideologies, etc... As Mediums they are all gifted with seeing a possessed-bodies' foreign "soul signature", and they can visibly see and interact with Ethereals in every way a Human can with another Human. At this time, they serve the people [still] indirectly, and combat the growing Ethereal presence on Astraia-Improba, unsure on what the Astraian-loyalists intend to do and how to find out.

Satannish: Demonborn the High AKA the mysterious leader of Satannish keeps his followers unsure of their organization's shady goals. Every member of Satannish serve their purpose under the direction of Demonborn the High, and so long as they benefit from their missions in any way, they intend to stick around with Satannish as an elite band of Demonborn. This organization is more commonly opposed by the Crusaders and the Astraian-loyalists.

Para-Ronin: Every Para-Ronin has their own personal reason for abandoning the Astraian Empire, and its ancient ways of existing and prospering in that existence. Despite their feelings towards the Astraian Empire, and their desire to have nothing to do with it, the Astraian-loyalists are constantly hunting Para-Ronin down due to the intelligence they have, and their treachery to Ethereal the High. The Para-Ronin capable of surviving are the ones who were worthy warriors in their Empire, or very good at avoiding its affairs from the start. More then likely the majority of the Para-Ronin are too insignificant to venture after, or already apprehended and/or killed.
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General and Current Flow of the Factions
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